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M&M Mediculture's goal & passion is to create a mutually beneficial partnership with cancer, hospice care & other qualifying patients, along with their medical providers. Bringing forward alternative treatments, for the overly powerful synthetic medications which when consumed may have serious side effects that require OTHER medications. As for patients in states that do not recognize medical marijuana treatments, the only source was what the doctors provided.

As an Executive Chef my entire career, I found that there is a significant need for broadening the horizons of consumable products! Not only will it help with the terrible side effects of certain treatments, but also allow the client/patient to live a more functional life while undergoing such treatments with a natural remedy. I have expanded my career to medical HEMP CBD, incorporating and infusing the herbs into daily meals, seasonings, honey's & etc. I have successfully created many aspects pertaining the medical characteristics of the hemp and cannabis plant. I look forward to providing this beneficial twist on edibles, to the general public in farmers markets & etc. soon!

Understanding CBD

Meet The Chef 

The Passion

I am Matthew J. Kenney...

With over 25 years of experience I am a certified Nutritionalist, Dietary Specialist, Serve Safe certified & member of the American Culinary Foundation.

I am capable of many special dietary needs & practice 100% certified organic ingredients, most of my sweets are lactose free & can also be made gluten free & diabetic friendly.

I, myself am a survivor of  "Stage 4" Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & have been in remission since July of  2007! Unfortunately medical cannabis was not an option and or available during my illness, and unfortunately is still is not recognized by the FDA or USDA

This is my way of revolutionizing my career, helping those whom have conditions with my extensive menu of edibles. 

Thank You For Your Interest M&M Mediculture & Taking The Time To Briefly Get To Know Me, My Story & Passion!

Matthew J. Kenney C.E.C.

Licensed Caregiver - ME.